I didn't originally plan this section, but considering the situation, I think it's worth saying a few words. Terrible times have come in our country. Destruction, murder, atrocities - that's what has become commonplace for us. Personally, I have suffered less from the war so far. But I can't put into words what my friends and family went through. The Russians will never be forgiven for everything they do on our land. We will remember, our children, and our grandchildren will remember. But do not despair - I believe that one day I will wake up under a peaceful sky. And I see how now, in these dark times, our country has united like never before, how strong the spirit of our people is. I am with you brothers! And a little about our work... Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we can not continue to work on the main project. But that doesn't mean we've given up. Now let's try to implement a simpler and more interesting idea.